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"Show Your Customers Meaningful Contributions Towards a Cleaner Future!"

Your customers love what you do to increase sustainability!

80% of customers prefer buying from businesses that contribute meaningfully to a cleaner future. Studies even show that your promoting your companies message alongside a positive environmental message increases ad acceptance by 43%!

+43% Ad acceptance!

Studies show that just mentioning your contributions to a sustainable future create a positive image for your company in your customers minds.

However, fake contributions or virtue signalling are punished.

Allegations for green washing are quick to make and destroy reputations

quick. This happens, when companies fake support, or if the projects are

opaque or not efficient.

Become a sponsor for clean areas where it counts,

right by your customers!

With Swuupy you can sponsor clean areas in your city or area. This lets your

customers actually experience your contributions to sustainability!

The customers can check out the park you kept clean or the


How does it work?

Sign up with the button below and search for an

area to sponsor

Like a park close to you? just type the name of the park and find it on the map. Then mark the area you would like to sponsor with the selection tool and also select a date range. Add a price per 100 square meters you would like to offer and that is it!


  1. Sign up

  2. Search for area to be sponsored

  3. Add Date range

  4. Add price per 100 square meters

  5. Send off to review

  6. Receive awesome metrics to advertise to your customers

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