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Become active

Swuupy combines a set of solutions that makes removing trash from nature fun and beneficial for every stakeholder

Become active


Every community can give approval for its areas to be for cleaned and maintained by Swuupy - free of charge.

This allows them to use their resources more efficiently and concentrate on other important tasks.


By sponsoring the open and public spaces, companies have the opportunity to advertise effectively, give something back to their region and make a positive contribution to the environment at the same time.


Swuupy offers private individuals, schools and clubs the opportunity to clean the areas and keep them clean. The money for this comes from the sponsors and is available for free use.

Products for Eco-Heroes

Making trash collection fun and exciting!

Tiny Gripping Aid
Fully Extended
Bag and Gripper
Hygiene Pouch
Made from Aluminum and Steel
Tiny Formfactor
Bag With Scale and Attachment Options
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The Marketplace

"Regional companies sponsor areas to be kept clean.

Cleaners earn money by keeping areas clean.

The public sector can focus  on large projects instead of large areas"


27cm x 10cm x 3cm Formfactor

27cm x 10cm x 3cm Formfactor

75cm Extended

75cm Extended

137g Lightweight

137g Lightweight

Technology for a Cleaner Planet

Technology for a Cleaner Planet

Take it With you Anywhere!

Take it With you Anywhere!

Swuupy Gripper

Compact foldable gripper

With a folded size of 27x10x3cm and weight of 125g the patent pending foldable gripper fits in every backpack or purse.

It is made completely from recyclable, durable aluminium and steel parts, designed to be exchanged or repaired if any would break.

Swuupy Bag

Moisture tight bag with multiple attachment options

The bag is made from coated cotton to minimise plastic use. The seams are double sown to prevent moisture from exiting the bag.

It features both carabiner and belt attachment options, and can be wiped clean after usage.

Three buttons keep the bag seams rolled up and moisture tight when storing trash.

The front features a hygienic pouch to store the gripper when not in use.

Reusable Bag Made From Coated Cotton

Reusable Bag Made From Coated Cotton

Scale for Trash Collection Measurement

Scale for Trash Collection Measurement


Folded Bag And Gripper Fit Anywhere

Map View

Map View

Add and show bins, start tracking and adding trash amounts

Show Historic Tracks

Show Historic Tracks

Fun Achievements

Fun Achievements

Swuupy App

Connecting community and track success

The swuupy app currently in development lets you track your trail when you keep your favourite place clean.
To every trail you can add multiple volumes of rubbish you collected with the scale printed on the swuupy bag.
You can also enter or search for nearby public rubbish bins when you collect more rubbish then the bag can hold.

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Our Goal

Enabling YOU to keep your favourite outdoor place clean

We at swuupy want to empower you to keep your favourite place clean.

We want you to take a compact gripper whenever you visit your favourite outdoor places.

We want you to be able to safely carry and store trash you pick up at your favourite places.

We want you to keep track of the amount of trash and share your success with your friends and the world!

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Image by Mohit Kumar

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to have interactive, community based trash collection all around the world.

Keep the world clean by keeping youir favourite place clean

Enable you to clean your favourite place

Connect with like minded people locally and globally

Right to repair inside

Designed for repairability with durable aluminium and steel parts

Recyclable materials

100% aluminium, steel and coated cotton


Our History

Iteration by iteration towards a cleaner future

The idea for swuupy was born while on a nature walk in 2018. There was so much trash around, no way for me to pick it up which just made me sad, angry and powerless. This motivated me to develop swuupy. Steadily upgrading the functionality and testing with my wife and friends the result is now ready to be designed for larger production.

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