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Mindfulness and Trash collection

"Five minutes in a forest is enough to deeply relax"

We as humans have created a world, that is too fast, too loud and too stressful, even for ourselves. We evolved to hunt and gather in the savanna, and find solutions to challenging circumstances. Sitting around a fire, enjoying gathered fruits and communicating with the tribe in the forest must have been the safest and most relaxing experience for our ancestors. Our bodys and minds are still this way, so it is no wonder we love being in the forest so much. A tree, a spring or stream relax us and allow our bodies to recover.

"But what if the stress follows you to the forest?"

But in this day and age, there is no place on earth where you can't find trash. This holds true for the forest where we can so deeply relax. Initially I was sad that I could not relax in the same forest I used to, because I knew there was trash around.

"Relax, AND collect trash"

The action that released me, and gave me back my relaxation place was to combine mindfulness practises with trash collection. When I go for a walk now, I make sure to have swuupy with me and I take in my surroundings fully.

"The Beauty of the details"

I can focus on the beauty of leaves, a fascinating moss formation, a shiny bug or the sound of a close spring. In the process, when I find trash I pick it up! This not only gives me a good feeling for removing trash I can also relax in the process.

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