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Waste collection in autumn

"There's less trash in autumn!"

Here in the northern hemisphere, it's a beautiful autumn right now. The weather is getting noticeably colder, the fog is creeping across the country and the leaves are falling. While cold and fog are usually minor barriers to trash and litter picking, the leaves are a real problem.

When you normally have a good view of the trash in the forest, it is now under a thick layer of leaves.

"Can we find it again?"

Well, it depends, there are two options: Storing it in the forest soil or discharging it into the water cycle.

Most of the garbage will be buried in the newly formed humus layer for a long time. This already prevents finding trash unless a hungry wild boar digs some of it up.

The second option has good and bad sides. When heavy rains remove parts of the humus layer, the garbage gets into the streams and thus into the water cycle. This means that you have a short window in which the light plastic waste in the stream is on the surface. In the window you can get the garbage out of the cycle, but only if you have the chance to catch the window.

"Wann starten wir unsere Müllsammelaktion?"

If you look at large garbage collection campaigns, they are costly to organize and therefore often take place at long intervals. The chance that the garbage that comes to the surface can be collected is very low.

"We'll never let the trash pickup end!"

It would be better if you always had the possibility to collect garbage! Swuupy is designed so that you can always have the grabber and the bag with you, while hiking, running with the kids or going out with your friends or girlfriends.

If you are interested, sign up for the Newsletter and be among the first who are always and everywhere ready to keep their favorite places clean.

Keep your favorite place clean - with swuupy!

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