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I love being outside

Well this is what got me here. I love being outside, but everywhere there's trash. I did not want to pick up anything with my bare hands, but felt really sad when seing the amount of trash in nature everywhere.

Trash collection is notoriously hard, with a high entry barrier to enable people. Gripping tools are large and themselves made from non recyclable plastic. You have to bring a non recyclable trash bag and carry it by hand and so on.

This was unacceptable for me, and 3 years of constant improvements and design for purpose now enable me to go live with the first product "swuupy".

Swuupy is derived from the "swooping" of birds, which is a swift motion to pick up things. Swiftness, ease of use, compactness and being light weight and portable are among the key features for swuupy.

I really hope to contribute to a cleaner outside by enabling everyone to keep their favourite place clean. Having a light weight gripper, a washable, moisture tight bag and an app to share progress with friends and the world will make cleaning the world fun and wholesome.

If everyone repeatedly keeps their own favourite place clean, making the world a cleaner place will be done in no time, as it will be fun and rewarding.

I'll try and do my part, to enable to rest of the world.

Best wishes, Moritz

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